Get yer Free Swastika!

	catalog from 1940

Majestic Master of Mystery was an adventure and mystery show sponsored by Majestic Radio back in 1933-34. It featured a single actor breathlessly playing every role (with some sound effects). I have only heard one fifteen minute episode and I don't much care for it. It's rather overly dramatic for my taste.

But at the end of the show, there was a strange little offer: send in two box tops for a free sandalwood swastika, our gift to you! The hammy Master of Mystery explains how he came by the handmade swastika in exotic India and I imagine that, in 1933, most Americans still did not associate the swastika with Nazi Germany (although it had been the symbol of nationalist Germans since the late 1800's according to this site). A 1932
	Majestic radio

But even if we ignore the Nazi connotations, this offer is plumb weird. Listen to it and see if you agree.

Get all of the seven remaining episodes (in their entirety) here.

Jesse Hughes
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